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We manufacture, sell and support enterprise class software for local government and allied public sector organisations in the ANZ region. Our software is responsible for generating millions of documents and we are currently in the process of migrating that document generation functionality from a Microsoft Word engine to an Aspose engine. The documents generated include certificates and notices etc but also, invoices and statements and other bills requiring payments.

One of the questions our customers' customers are asking is for their payment options for these bills to be augmented by easy mobile payment apps......and as a consequence of that, they want the documents that our software generates to incorporate the creation of QR codes.

Does Aspose have any plans to either augment existing products within the Aspose family with the ability to generate QR codes, or, create a new product ("Aspose.QR" anyone?) that would work in a similar way to Aspose.BarCodes?

Thanks, Mick


Hi Mick,

Many thanks for explaining your scenario for us. I have good news for you as Aspose.Barcode already supports the creation of QR barcodes. It’s useful to note that the products we provide are actually “components”, so you can purchase Aspose.Barcode and easily incorporate it into your application and you can even incorporate it with the other Aspose products that you are using. So for example, you can generate a QR barcode and pass it to Aspose.Words to insert into a word document that you generate.

Please feel free to download an evaluation copy of Aspose.Barcode and give it a try yourself. You can also request a 30-day trial license to test it without any limitations.

If I can help with anything else, please let me know.