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What does fromMarker mean in MboxrdStorageReader.readNextMessage(String[] fromMarker)

the help doc says: Gets the From Marker while parsing the MBox Storage file.

what does it mean in details. Could you give me an example how it is used for a marker array
like new String[] {“abc”, “def”}.

Thank you for the query. I will answer you as soon as possible.

Aspose.Email provides the capability to retrieve marker information while reading or writing messages to the MBox storage file. These markers define the beginning of messages. For example:

From mailbox@test.ru Wed Nov 12 17:54:41 2008

You can read From markers as shown below:

MailMessage msg;
String[] fromMarker = { null };
while ((msg = reader.readNextMessage(/* out */fromMarker)) != null) {

Documents: Getting Markers Information

so it will return a fromMarker array with the same size of the number of messages, right ? And you dont’ need to initialize the array, just put the null there ? In the example above, the line:

will output: “From mailbox@test.ru Wed Nov 12 17:54:41 2008” , right ?

No, this method returns the From marker for the next message in an MBox file. The fromMarker array is an output array that always contains one item and does not require initialization.