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What does mean "pre-order tree traversal algorithm"?


To find the next node, it seems there two possible methods :
- NextSibling :
Gets the node immediately following this node.
- NextPreOrder :
Gets next node according to the pre-order tree traversal algorithm.

What are the difference between the two methods ? What does mean “pre-order tree traversal algorithm” ? Is the second more efficient ?

What do you understand under “next node”?
If you need to traverse through only immediate children of some node, then you can use NextSibling and PreviousSibling.
NextPreOrder and PreviousPreOrder traverse through all the nodes of a tree in a particular order, you can read about different tree traversing algorithms (including pre-order) in Wikipedia (Tree_traversal).

Thanks to your answer, I red the wikipedia article and I understood.

In fact in my Word document, I’m looking for nodes in the same paragraph, starting from a node inside the paragraph. Because all these nodes are at the same level, so the two quoted methods do the same.


Thank you for considering Aspose.Words. If you need to get the next node on the same level, you should use NextSibling method.
Best regards.