What happened to Aspose.Web.Excel?


I am looking for on-line support and other info pertaining to Aspose.Web.Excel. What happened to Aspose.Web.Excel? I don’t see it anywhere on your website? I just purchased the product a couple month ago. Has this product and support for it been dropped already?


No. Aspose.Excel.Web is changed to Aspose.Grid.Web. Now it’s part of Aspose.Grid. If you have any questions about Aspose.Excel.Web, please post them at http://www.aspose.com/Community/Forums/258/ShowForum.aspx .


I am hoping I do not need to purchase Web.Grid in order to stay current with my Excel web component, which I purchased only a couple months ago. Will my license for Web.Excel work for Web.Grid?


If your license file is not expired, you can use the license with Aspose.Grid.Web. If not, please let us know.