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What is the most efficient way to convert an Excel sheet to a Word table


I’m currently trying to convert an Excel sheet to a table in Word.

From the previous posts from others I understood there could be no way to convert it directly, however they were also mentioned that using an intermediate would be possible (say converting from Excel to pdf, then from pdf to Word). Could you please advise what is the most efficient solution currently?

Also from this post Copy Cells range and formatting to Word table I noticed it mentioned a converter developed by Aspose team, is it possible to have access to it?



I guess still the better solution might be as: Excel to PDF and then PDF to DOC using Aspose.Cells API and Aspose.PDF API. So, you are already doing fine.

Regarding the utility, it was developed by Aspose.Words team using Aspose.Words and Aspose.Cells APIs a few years ago. I have attached the utility class here, you may try it but it might not be reliable as some APIs might be changed a bit, so you may have to modify it by yourself.
ConverterXls2Doc.zip (9.4 KB)

Hi, many thanks for the confirmation and the utility attached. I will check that.

Hi, I also need to convert excel range to word tables. May I also have a copy of that tool? It currently says “Sorry, this file is private. Only visible to topic owner and staff members.”


I have posted the zipped archive as attachment via a private message. Let us know if you find any issue with downloading it now.

Alternatively, I can post the utility via email at your registered mail id (if you still find the issue with downloading the zipped archive in the private message/thread).

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As you are unable to download the attachment in the private message,I mailed you with attachment @ your registered email id.

Thanks a lot!

Hi,can you send me this zip ? I also need this example.

@niyeshiw, @oleksii.pokotylo.pwc.com, @ServerSide527

We recently supported the feature to convert Excel workbook to MS Word document directly, so you may give it a try to the new feature. See the document with example code for your reference:
Convert workbook to MS Word document format

Hope, this helps a bit.

This seems to be converting the entire Excel to Word. Is there a way to convert only the specified table and append it to the specified Word?


You may specify printable area (Page Setup) based on your desired table data and then render to MS Word document format. But you cannot append Excel sheet data to an existing MS Word document.