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What is the optimum resolution for PDF to read barcode

What is the optimum resolution for pdf to read barcode ? Sometime barcode text get detected or sometime did not barcode text. Aspose barcode document did not said whats the optimum (minimum) resolution of pdf needed to read/detect barcode.


Aspose.BarCode API takes in only image to recognize barcode. Reading barcode from PDF file involves two APIs i.e. Aspose.PDF and Aspose.BarCode. We extract barcode image from PDF file and then process it through Aspose.BarCode. To avoid any discrepancy/noise in the barcode image, we recommend that barcode image should be in high resolution. 300 DPI is a good resolution.

Thanks for update. Health plan received barcode document as fax and those pdf/tiff documents are having more than 5 pages, so if they keep 300 DPI of each pages then faxing process and file swapping process will take more time and they can have financial penalties if faxes are taking more time to received in the final system/application.

We would like to know what is minimal or optimum DPI support by barcode reader.


In fact it depends on actual size of barcode. For a relatively large barcodes, the resolution could be less and vice versa. As mentioned in my last reply that lines or squares in the barcodes should be as clear as possible to be recognized successfully. So you can say that if barcode is relatively big with respect to the size of page, resolution could be less than 300 DPI but certainly not less then 96 DPI.