What PDF standards does Words Slides and PDF support?

For our software solution we have the need to convert Microsoft Word and Powerpoint files to PDF/X-3:2003.
We also would like to convert any type of PDF to a PDF/X-3:2003.

General information about all the PDF/X standards can be found at: `http://en.wikipedia.org/?title=PDF/X#List_of_the_PDF.2FX_standards`

The question:
What PDF standards does Words, Slides and PDF support?

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for contacting support.

Aspose.Words and Aspose.Slides support the feature to convert DOC/DOCX/PPT/PPTX files to PDF and PDF/A compliant format and I am afraid they do not support the feature to directly save the output in PDF/X-3 format. Besides this, we have an API named Aspose.Pdf for Java which provides the feature to create as well as manipulate existing PDF files. However, I am afraid currently it does not support the feature to convert PDF files to PDF/X-3 format. For the sake of implementation, we have logged this requirement as PDFNEWJAVA-34369 in our issue tracking system.

So once this feature is implemented, you can convert your Word/PowerPoint files to PDF format and then try using Aspose.Pdf for Java to render the output as PDF/X-3. Please be patient and spare us little time. We are sorry for this inconvenience.

Please note that your issue PDFNEWJAVA-34369 is a duplicate of PDFNEWNET-35673.
See Convert PDF to PDF/X-3.

Since the above issue is years old, I will assume you will not realize this feature in the next years. This means we will have to look for a way to convert your files into PDF/X-3 ourselves.

I assume the following:

Having to convert the Aspose created PDFs ourselves, implies that we can distribute the resulting files freely to as many parties as we like. Is this correct?


Thanks for sharing the information. Yes you are correct. The issue ID PDFNEWJAVA-34369 duplicates PDFNEWNET-35673 and therefore I have joined both issues.

Please note that the implementation of any New Feature depends upon its necessity in our API and number of requests from our customers. Sometimes the low priority features take longer time to implement.

Yes you are share the resultant files with as many customers as you want and our licensing mechanism/model does not restrict from sharing the resultant files.


Please use the below code snippet in order to convert PDF to PDF/X3 with 21.9 version of the API:

string inFile = "input.pdf";
string outFile = "output.pdf";
var pdfDoc = new Document(inFile);
pdfDoc.Convert(new MemoryStream(), PdfFormat.PDF_X_3, ConvertErrorAction.Delete);