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What versions of Powerpoint are supported?

I can’t find any documentation on what versions of Powerpoint are supported.
We have a customer that demands support for Powerpoint 97… Could this be an issue?


Dear Rolighed,

PowerPoints 97-2003 have the same ppt format so teoretically it must work with PowerPoint 97. But on practice some files can’t be read by PP97 of course.
Also PPoints XP & 2003 can correct some errors in ppt files on the fly but 97 & 2000 can’t.

What’s the best way to determine which version of PowerPoint saved a given PPT File. What I want to do is filter out decks that were saved in 2003 format, but by Office 2007. These are crashing my server.

I don’t believe files saved from Powerpoint 2007 (even in 2003 format) are supported yet. I read in another topic that they’re working on it though.