What versions of Word are supported?


Can you tell me what versions of Word are supported in this product?
When using the Save method on a document object, the only option there (that I need to use) is to save as a Word document. Problem is, what version is this targetting?
The product we’re writing has to support read-only sections, form fields and hidden text, and most importantly of all, must be compatible with Word 97. I know the features we need are compatible with Word 97, its just the format of the document produced by Aspose.Word.

We’ve purchased and successfully used your Excel component which does allow you to specify which version of Excel you want to save the document as (95, 97, 2000, XP). Is the same possible in Aspose.Word?




Word 97 format is the base and compatible with all newer formats. Newer formats have new extended features, but the document format remains compatible back and forward.

Aspose.Word can open Word 97 and all newer formats.

Aspose.Word saves in Word 97 format plus some features of newer formats like 32 bit colors and a few others. You will be able to open documents produced by Aspose.Word in MS Word 97 and all newer versions.