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What was function of old STEP property of Recognition Demo

We have been using an older release of Aspose Barcode recognition (3.0) and I still have the DEMO application (RecognitionDemo.exe

There is a Scan Setting selection labeled “Scan Step” with a default value of “5” in it. What are the side-effects of changing this value? I find that the attached image will FAIL with the default of “5” but will work with 4, and even 7 or 8 – What is the tradeoff being performed here?

With Aspose 4.x versions, is this functionality deprecated?

– workingjoe –


ScanStep value determines the number of pixels read in each scan step operation.
Lower value: will take more time, but barcode recognition will be more accurate.
Higher value: will take less time, but barcode recognition will be less accurate.

I am sorry, this property is not available in the newer versions. We now have more detailed customized recognition using the Recognition Hints.

The image that you attached is not scanned, it seems to be generated directly by a program. I could read the barcode from it without using any recognition hints. Are you facing any issue in delayed or invalid recognition for this image?