When Are Other Emails Needed


At Membership, we provide a text field that enables you to enter other email addresses so the Portal will send all info, such as account details, payment notices, license files, tax invoices, purchase agreements, etc., to your registered email address as well as all other email addresses entered here. When are other emails needed? 1. If the purchaser is a software reseller, not the end user, please use the end user’s email to register and then have yours as Other Emails. 2. If the purchaser is the management in an organization, not the developer, please enter the developer(s)’ email address(es) into the Other Emails field. 3. If you use different email address at different place, please use one email address as your registered email address and enter the others into the Other Emails field. 4. If your registered email address rejects emails from aspose.com automatically please enter other email addresses into the Other Emails field. 5. Any other situations where you want to receive more copies from the Portal. Other info 1. How to enter other emails. If you have more than 2 emails, please use “;” between them. For example, if you use a@aspose.com as the registered email address, at the same time you hope all info and documents created by you at the Portal can be sent to b@aspose.com and c@aspose.com, you can enter b@aspose.com;c@aspose.com at the Other Emails field. 2. How to use your emails. We provide this option only in order to make sure the important info and documents can reach you as well as all your involved colleagues reliably. Aspose won’t disclose all your emails to any other third parties and won’t send any promotional materials to these emails without your permission.


I cannot get this field to work. I log in as the user who purchased the product.

Every time I enter any data on this form, the server responds “Updated succeeded!” and then shows me the original form with none of the modifications.

P.S. Love the way you just decided to stop responding to emails and expect customers to just magically know that you will only respond to the forums! great work!


Dear Ryan,

I have fixed it please check back.

Thanks for your appreciation and I hope we will do it better.

Thanks again.


Works! Thanks for the help.


I seem to have the same situation. I noticed that in the previous post, that the Admin needed to assist the customer. Can someone check my account as well?

I received an email from Ben Li just about a half an hour ago giving me additional assistance, but I can’t perform the steps that he suggests. He did tell me to use a different login name. That I understand. He purchased the licensing and used his name.

However, whenever I try to go to: https://www.aspose.com/Purchase/Orders.aspx, it redirects me to the pricing page instead of the orders page. So, I can’t access the options to Create License file.



Dear Cary,

Your problem is quite odd. Please choose one of the Live Support at Contact Aspose to talk to me NOW!