When documetns are inserted in a mergefield- not converting propoerly


i am merging 3 documents together, and the data for teh merge fields is getting from the database. now the problem is the first two documetns are coming fine, and when i go down to teh thirs document, this is what i got.

Note 8: Delivery : 8 weeks after receipt , acceptance of order and advance payment.
Note 9: Export boxing included in this quote.**

Note 10: Inland Freight to Export Crater included in this quote.

From an editor i am sending data to databae into blob field and retreiving back, it is working fine when i run it individually, the problem arises, when i am joining the 3 documetns, teh third docuemnt is not mering propoerly.SO please dot ell me how will word recognize this one?


This question answered in this thread.

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