When the folder too large it cause to TimeOutException

ImapClient.selectFolder(“inbox”) causeTimeOutException:The operation ‘SEARCH’ has timed out. Timeout ‘100000’ has been reached.
we can solve the problem when we change Timeout ‘100000’ to ‘600000’’.But we don’t want to spend a lot of time to select folder.Is there another way to solve this problem?
version : 17.9 for Java
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We have some 3000+ messages in our mailbox and the statement doesn’t take much time to execute. Please share your server information along with the number of messages in its mailbox for further investigation at our end.

We want to export messages to our disk.But we don’t want to spend a lot of time to select folder.
IMAP server: [mail.kclpartners.com](http://mail.kclpartners.com/)
IMAP port: 143
Inbox Messages:26887 Size:7041.60MB
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Could you please share a test account credentials on this server? We need this to connect to it for analyzing the issue at our end.

This is strictly confidential.I can’t share the account to you.i woder know can we export messages without select folder?


Can you just share with us the server information so that we can create an account on it and perform our tests? SelectFolder statement shouldn’t take much time as it is irrespective of the mailbox size or number of messages in the mailbox.

client = new ImapClient(imapHost.getHost(), imapHost.getPort(), hostUser.getUsername(), hostUser.getPassword());

TimeOutException:The operation ‘SEARCH’ has timed out.
but select other folders is ok .
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Inbox is a parent folder.It has 4 subfolders.Inbox.Drafts,Inbox.Junk Mail,Inbox.Sent,Inbox.Trash.
can we selectFolder without do the operation ‘SEARCH’? or export messages without selectFolder?
what does the selectFolder() call the command of Imap ?
What does the selectFolder doing?


This can’t be further investigated until we get a test account on the problematic server to check the behavior of API. Please let us know how we can create an account on this server for further investigation at our end. We’ll only be able to investigate the issue once we can have access to such a test server. We appreciate your understanding in this regard. Ideally, the SelectFolder shouldn’t take long.