Where is API for 2.4.2 com.aspose.cells.Charts?

I’m working in some existing code that uses Aspose 2.4.2

It’s using a “Charts” class to add a chart at a specific position but I’m thinking they have some args messed up, but I can’t tell since I’m not aware of where the API is for 2.4.2? The API in the docs doesn’t seem to have a “Charts” class.

It’s currently being used like

Charts charts = sheet.getCharts();
charts.addChart(ChartType.LINE, startRow + 2, 1, currRow + 10, 20);

Even the existing documentation is confusing, if you navigate to Customizing Charts|Documentation it shows:

sheet.getCharts().add(ChartType.COLUMN, 9, 9, 21, 15);

Yet ‘sheet’ in the example if of type Worksheet and getCharts apparently now returns a ChartCollection… but I don’t even see “add” as a method on ChartCollection or its ancestor CollectionBase, so what am I missing here?

Why not produce the standard java docs?

Nevermind I see it in ChartCollection … it’s the first entry there:)

I assume it’s the same format for the older “Charts” so I’ll just follow the same api params as ChartCollection is using.


Good to know that you figure out your issue now.

For using the new APIs for the latest versions, we recommend you to kindly see the documents for your reference:


Thank you.