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Why does floating chart toolbar appear when Excel chart opened in browser window?

I am using the Cells for Java and I am creating a workbook with one sheet that contains the data and a seperate sheet that is a chart sheet. This is a servlet app so after I create the workbook you are asked in a File Download dialog if you want to Open, Save, or Cancel the download.

If I say "Open" (using I.E.) the workbook will open in the browser window. When this happens the Chart toolbar will appear in the floating in middle of the chart window. Is there some way to have this toolbar open doc'ed to the top instead of floating? Or is this just the behavior of Excel running in an I.E. browser window?

Thanks for any information you might be able to give.


Hi Steve,

This is just the behavior of Excel running in IE brower.

You can creat a workbook which includes a chart sheet with MS Excel and open it with IE.The Chart toolbar will auto appear.

Thanks Warren,

I had hoped there was a setting that could made to cause it "doc" to the top of the window. Since there isn't, I'll just have to document the behavior in case one of our customers asks.