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Why the Math functions do not work on local?

In WebGrid, all the math functions with the float numbers do not work on my local PC, for ex : the result of INT(8.9) or INT(8,9) is “#VALUE?”, but result of INT(8) is “8”.


By the way, ususally i meet the “System.FormatException” when i change some values of cells and then click the Submit button to recalculate the fomulas.

Which version of Aspose.Grid.Web are you using?


This problem is caused by local settings. We will provide a fixed version to you soon.


The attachment is the fixed dll. We have made some modifications against the problems you encountered. We are not sure that this version solves all the problems because we haven't a French OS environment. So please try this version and help us to do some test.

Thank you very much.

Think it does not work, i give u the result (Math demo) using ur fixed file.

There is another one, i try this formula “=IF(0+0=0,0,5/(0+0))”, in Excel, the result is “0”, but in my web page, the result is “#DIV/0?”.


For the first problem, we will give you another version to test.

For the second problem, we have solved it, see this thread:

Thank you.

3x for resolving the 2nd one

And here is another solution i use :
To avoid the error “#VALUE?”, i have to use
“=Sum(B8)-sum(B23)” to get the result instead of using “=B8-B23” when
B8 or B23 is .


This control treats NULL cell as 0 only in some functions like SUM, AVERAGE, etc.

is that to say i must put “0” in all the cells which are blank to do the simple math calculation ?

after using ur fixed dll file, some demos do not work anymore, like the files .aspx (in the menu “Data Format Demos”) which have not defined the proprety “CustomStyleFileName” for the component GridWeb.

i define the format “0.00%” in one cell, when it is “0”, it shows 000% in cell, but in the downloaded Excel file, it shows 0,00%.

last question, if u plan to add AJAX to ur component or not ?



Please try the attachment.

Our team are researching the AJAX technology. There's no plan of implementation at this moment.

it is better, but there are still some errors.


Please post your error page html source here to help us debug.

You may input some formulas directly into cells, click "submit" button, and tell me the result.

i inputed the fomulas in the web page directly, but did not work.

You mean input a formula “=abs(-1.234)”, the result is still wrong?

it is ok now, thx for all.



Here is a new version, solves the problem of Null cell reference in Expressions. Now formula engine treats the Null cell as zero in mathematic calculating.

it seems ok for the formulas, but the expression to detect if the cell is equal to 0 is not correct when the cell is blank. For ex : =B5=0, return FALSE when B5 is blank, but it returns TRUE in Excel.

This bug is fixed. Try the attachment.

Thank you.

OK, thank u