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WI-171.html was not converted to xls file correctly


We are afraid, there is no update for you regarding this issue at this moment. However, we have logged your comment in our database for product team consideration and investigation and requested it to provide some fix or ETA. Once, there is some news for you, we will let you know by posting in this thread.


This issue is complex for us. We cannot support importing such a complex html for now. We will support it later.

In WI-171 we are facing the issues of data loss . Our clients are fed-up with these type of issues.
On high priority, Please share the complex points in HTML ( provided by us ) which are creating the problem to convert in Excel file.
We will try to change our HTML accordingly so that Aspose library will be able to convert the HTML to excel file successfully


We have logged your comment in our database for product team consideration and advice. Once, there is some update for you, we will share it with you asap.


In order to obtain the perfect result file, please use the tags (table, tr, td) to manage the data and layout. Because the worksheet in MS-Excel consists of cells, the worksheet is like a large table containing many td elements.


When we select this html file and open with “MS Excel” it open file to Excel without any issue and at the time of purchasing license it was communicated to me that any HTML file which can be open in Excel file using “MS Excel” option then ASPOSE API will convert those HTML file to Excel file but now this is not the case. I can’t explain you that how much we have pressure from our client as this issue is coming on production environment and pending from long time. Now please escalate this to your higher management team and try to resolve this ASAP.



We provide this feature but we are also constantly improving the feature. It will take much time for us to fully support this feature.

HTML is very big thing. As a developer you should know that dealing with HTML is not an ordinary task. Aspose itself is working to provide another API named Aspose.HTML. Please check it.

Microsoft Excel 2016 is a very big application. It is around 2.5 GB in size. So it is powerful enough to deal with any sort of free html.

We have fixed many free html issues. But not all free html issues can be fixed. It is better you fix your html instead of waiting that Aspose.Cells will be able to import every sort of free html.

OK so you are saying that you can’t handle this scenario at your end. Can you please check attached HTML file and send me the updated HTML file that can be converted to Excel file for our understanding that what HMTL data we need to remove.



We have requested the product team to provide you a good or perfect html that can be converted to Excel file easily for your help.

This issue has been logged as

  • CELLSJAVA-42402 - Good HTML needed for the attached HTML

Any update on this?


I have logged your comment in our database against the ticket CELLSJAVA-42402 and requested the product team to provide some update regarding it. Once, we will get some news for you, we will share it with you.


We are fixing the issue CELLSJAVA-42402 and we are hopeful to provide you a fix before 4-Oct-2017.


Please check the modified HTML provided by the product team. Please try it with the following fix using the code given below

Download Links:
Modified HTML By Product Team.zip (3.0 KB)
Output Excel File.zip (11.0 KB)


HTMLLoadOptions options = new HTMLLoadOptions(); 
Workbook wb = new Workbook(dirPath  + "WI-171_modify.html", options); 
wb.save(dirPath + "out_java.xlsx");

I am not able to download the zip files.


You are not the owner of this topic, please log in as


and then you will be able to download the files.

Thanks. I am waiting for this release.

I logged in using vishu88in but not able to download these zip files


I have sent you message at your @vishu88in. It contains my email, please email me at that email id and I will reply you back with attachment.

Please share the release update.


By release update, do you mean official release of October? The official release 17.10 will be available somewhere between 15-Oct to 25-Oct.

If you meant hot fix, then I have shared it in above post. If you cannot download it, then please let me know how should I send it to you. Since, it is Java hot fix and around 7 MB, so it cannot be sent via email.