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Will this work with Word / Pdf components


I have a solution on our webserver that use MS Word serverside to

1. Open a document that I use as a template for a purchase order form.
2. Programmatically replace bookmarks in the document with data from the database
3. print to a postscript file
4 call acrobat distiller to convert to a pdf file

The document template is using:
1 Sections with headers and footers with different firstpage headers
2 MS word fields to handle page numbering within the sections and to get "page 1 of 4" in the heading for each section
3 Fields to show content of a bookmark at multiple places in the document.
4 Tables with many different colspans and rowspans.

For performannce and more important stability reasons I am looking into replacing this with Aspose.Word and .Pdf.

Is there anything in this that looks tricky to implement with that combination?
As far as I understand from the documentation Aspose.Word has bookmarks and fields, is there a reason to suspect that the implementation of this behaves differently than MS Word's? Is the XML export to aspose.pdf complete enough to get this right with multiple sections, different firstpageheders, picture in some headers , picture in page content etc.


J?rgen Lindell

Tetra Pak, Sweden


Thank you for considering Aspose.

So if your task is to populate a Word template with some data from a database and convert the resulting document to PDF, Aspose.Word seems to certainly fit your requirements. Besides, you can use merge fields and mail merge instead of filling bookmarks because this functionality is fully automated (you simply pass a data source object to a method that performs mail merge) and just intended for such operations. This will be described in the Aspose.Word programmers guide very soon. Of course, you’re still able to replace bookmarks with data if you need.

In regard to your template’s features, you can check which of them are supported for conversion to PDF here:

But I think the best way to see if Aspose.Word is applicable for you is to try it. You can download evaluation versions of our components for free in the downloads center:

Download Aspose.Word and Aspose.Pdf, install them, convert your template using the components and look at the results.