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Willing to pay for custom bug fixes

I've spent some time reviewing various postings on this forum, and clearly there are more bug requests/features requests than you have resources for. Specifically around the custom animation features...you seem to be piling up a bunch of requests.

Coming from a product development background myself, the way my company solves these issues is to allow companies to pay for their features/bug fixes to become priority. If a company is willing to pay for the time/resources for a specific feature/bug request, it makes the process much more manageable from your side.

With that in mind, would you consider working on a few specific bug fixes if we were to pay for those fixes? Getting these resolved quickly is important to us, and since we don't have the source code ourselves, we can fix it ourselves. We are not looking for big features, just a few minor bug fixes that will allow us to roll out our solution to existing clients.

you can respond to me directly at mike@smashfly.com


Please write the list of bugs you are talking about and version of Aspose.Slides (.net or java).
Most probably we can help and fix it quickly enough.

We are using version the .NET version 2.8.4

The animation bugs we need fixed.

1. When we alter the text on a specific shape that has predefined animation settings, the animation settings are wrong on the newly saved presentation. For example, we have a textframe that has animated text that is set to start "With Previous", but with custom defined timings. If we simply save the presentation as a new presentation, it saves fine. However, if we change any of the text, and save the presentation, all the animations now are set to "After previous"...messing up the timings.

We want to be able to define the animations for specific text in a master presentation, and then be able to change just the text and keep the animations.

2. When we programmtically change the slide transition timing, it DOES save the new timing, however powerpoint doesn't use the timings. I reported this over 1 year ago, and it was confirmed this was a bug, and wouldn't be fixed till a later release.

3. Ability to play a sound/video animation in parellel with other animations. for example, we have a slide that plays an audio animation, and we have text that is animated. We want both to play at the same time...but as of now, the audio plays first, then the animated text. We need the ability to specify both is possible.

If you want, i can upload our sample powerpoint and the code we are using to change one of the paragaph text values...and you can compare the timing info between the 2 presentations.

Please let me know if you think you could fix these 2 bugs soon.


I’m afraid we don’t have these bugs in the todo list.
Please provide all examples and most probably we
will fix it shortly or give you solution how to do it.

Ok, i've uploaded a very simple example of the problem.

You will find a powerpoint file, mp3 file, and then a newly outputted file (miketest.ppt).
I also included the simple C# code that creates this new PPT.

Run the original powerpoint and notice the animation settings for the paragraph of text. Each is set to "with previous", and when you run it, the audio plays, and the text bullets fade in sequentially.

All the code does is reset one of the paragraph texts, and then saves the file.
Notice in miketest.ppt that all the animation setting are now "After previous" and the timing is all messed up....this is a show stopper for us, because we need to be able to set these text animations, and then programmatically change the text, without losing the timing of the animations.

This seems like it should be an easy fix, just keep the originial timings!
Please advise as to when you might be able to fix this. As i mentioned, we are willing to pay for this fix if you can make it a priority.