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Windows 8 PDF vs DOCX

I’m generating charts in our product (using Aspose.Cells), and the titles for the PDF generation are being truncated. This does not happen on a Windows 7 machine, but does on Windows 8. I’ve attached a couple of samples. The exact same path through our code occurs for both of those generated reports.

Our code creates a chart in Cells, gets a stream using Chart.ToImage(stream, ImageFormat.Emf), puts the chart into a Words Document using DocumentBuilder.InsertImage().

Do you mean Chart.ToImage works fine and Excel to PDF rendering does not work properly on Windows 8 machine by Aspose.Cells APIs? Please attach your template Excel file here, so that we could test Excel to PDF rendering on Windows 8 machine if we could find the issue on our end. We also recommend you to kindly try our latest version/fix: Aspose.Cells for .NET v8.2.0.1 if it makes any difference.

Thank you.

I don’t have a template Excel file. I’m generating the charts in code using Cells, then exporting the charts as images (in memory), putting those into a word doc using Words (in memory), then saving the word doc as PDF or DOCX.

Just attempted the new dlls, with the same result.


To check if the issue persists with Aspose.Cells component only (please do not involve Aspose.Words APIs), kindly save the chart’s image using Aspose.Cells’ APIs (e.g Chart.ToImage()) and directly save the file to PDF using the overloaded method i.e., Workbook.Save(strFileName, SaveFormat.Pdf). If you still find the issue, we need your sample code to evaluate your issue properly on our end. We appreciate if you could create a sample console application (runnable), zip it and post it here (with v8.2.0.1), we will check it soon.

Thank you.
Saving the images as jpgs works fine, with no cutoff.

I've managed to reproduce it on my Windows 7 machine (strangely). I've attached a console application that reproduces the issue, along with a sample docx file to use. To run it just put the Aspose.Words.dll in the same directory as ChartTest.exe and test.DOCX and run ChartTest.exe. The source for the test is simple:

static void Main(string[] args)
const String fileName = "test.DOCX";

var doc = new Document(fileName);
doc.Save("test.PDF", SaveFormat.Pdf);

On my machine the output pdf has truncated titles in some of the images.


Thanks for the zipped archive (containing the portable executable file and a document).

I have evaluated your issue/ case a bit and seeing your sample code snippet shared in the above post, I think you are converting your test.doc file to PDF using Aspose.Words APIs, so the issue must be with Aspose.Words component. Please post a query into Aspose.Words forum with all the details and attachments, they will help you soon there.

Moreover, if saving the chart’s image using Aspose.Cells’ APIs (e.g Chart.ToImage()) is fine and your test.doc file is final. Then, the issue is not on Aspose.Cells side. If you still think and find the issue with Aspose.Cells component, we need your standalone console application (runnable) with Aspose.Cells APIs only to evaluate your issue properly on our end. we will check it soon.

Thank you.