Windows xp -> Windows 7 difference


Our company has been working on windows xp up till now and we recently switched to windows 7.

Now I noticed that there are some size differences.
For example we have a methode that uses aspose to convert a string (like a report typed in the application) to a pdf document. We also unit tested this method by just giving a short string to the method that converts to a memorystream and then checking the memorystream.length.

The short sting had a length of 27000 when we converted it back in XP and we checked with that number. Now that we changed to windows 7 the unit test fails because the length is suddenly 29000.

Is this difference between xp en 7 normal ?
Do you know why its there?

The conversion still works fine tho. I can still generate all my files perfectly.
I just found it about weird that the windows 7 files seemed to be slightly bigger.


Just as I pressed the post button I thought of a possible reason.
We are converting to PDF/A format. Which includes fonts in its fine if i remember correct.
Could it be that the size of the fonts differs between XP and 7?

Thanks for your request. I think the reason of the problem is fonts difference. Since on XP and on Win7 you probably have different versions of the same fonts, their sizes can also be different. These fonts are embedded into PDF and you see file size difference.
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