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Winforms PDF component requirement

We have been contacted by a customer who needs a .NET Winforms PDF component with the following functionality:

“- Controls for Viewer, Contents and Thumbnail page preview should be available.

- Ideally integrated prints function with preview.

- Should be possible to restrict the print area of the PDF document via selection.

- Rotation of the PDF Document in 90° Steps should be possible.

- The possibility to access the text of the document should be available (Here it is not necessary that any formatting specifications are taken into account).

- It should be possible to programmatically embed forms (e.g. textboxes) into PDF Documents.”

Please can you tell me if you have a control that has all these features and if possible provide references to resources where this functionality can be seen/reviewed; in samples or documentation etc.

Best Regards,

Paul Morgan


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Dear Paul,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

Currently we provide API component only. Visual control is not supported directly. You can create such an visual component youself with the help of the API of our product since almost all the features are supported in our API. We have planed to provide such a visual component based on the API but I don't think we can finish it in short time.