With Smart Objects,warp is not work!

With Smart Objects,You can scale, rotate, skew, distort, perspective transform a layer, but warp!
if you replace the contents, the warp can’t be successed.
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ByteArrayOutputStream stream = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
new_innerImage.save(stream); //栅格化图层innerImage存入流stream中
smartObjectLayer.setContents(stream.toByteArray()); //流stream转数组,然后设置为智能对象的内容


You are right. Aspose.PSD hasn’t support rendering of warp transformations yet, but it doesn’t damage data. We planned warp transformation in 22.03, you can track this issue by the following id: PSDNET-1030. Support Warp Transformation in Smart Object

Thank you for your feedback, we will do everything possible to implement this feature faster.

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你是对的。 Aspose.PSD 尚不支持warp 变换的渲染,但它不会损坏数据。我们计划在 22.03 中进行扭曲转换,您可以通过以下 ID 跟踪此问题:PSDNET-1030。支持智能对象中的扭曲变换


thanks a lot!
hope the good news :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hey, every time it says " follow the id PSDNET-XXX", is there an actual web page with these items, or is this kind of like a marker and we just keep coming back to this forum, searching for “PSDNET-1030” and the update is in the forum posts?

@VasilyHall there is no direct way to interact with our issue tracking system. But this forum has the automatic notification system for the issues, so the topic creator will receive the notification. I’m not sure if you will receive notification. You can try to subscribe to this topic.

Also, you can find the fixed issues in the release notes Release Notes - 2022|Documentation.

And you are welcome to ask the status of the issues in any time. I can confirm that we have started the work on the warp transformation already. Hope it’ll be released soon.