WMF support in Aspose.Cells


I get a red cross when trying to add a WMF image to a worksheet.
Are WMF images supported for the java version of Aspose.Cells?

Also, I was wondering if images are automatically resized as column widths and row heights are resized.




Hi Pierre,

Please post your wmf image here.


You’ll have to rename caffeine.jpg to caffeine.wmf (it wouldn’t let me
post a file with a wmf extension). The WMF file was generated
using Piet Jonas’ WMF package for java.

We are evaluating Aspose.Cells to create simple spreadsheets, but our main criteria is;

  • WMF support (because bitmap images are not acceptable to my users).
  • images must expand/shrink as a user changes column/row sizes
  • thread safety (you already mentioned Cells is thread-safe)
  • memory footprint (because some spreadsheets may contain 1000+ WMF images)

    I’m adding the WMF image as follows;

    ByteArrayInputStream imageStream = new ByteArrayInputStream(imageBytes);

    try {

    sheet.getPictures().add(row, col, ++row, ++col, imageStream);

    } finally {



    where imageStream is a streamed version of the WMF image, but all I get is a red cross in Excel.

    thanks for your help.





Aspose.Cells for Java supports adding WMF/EMF image.See following codes:

Pictures pictures = sheet.getPictures();
int index = pictures.add(0,0,"F:\\FileTemp\\caffeine.wmf");
Picture p = pictures.get(index);

These codes work fine.



2. You could set picture's properties to make images expand/shrink as a user changes column/row sizes.

See following codes: picture.setPlacement(PlacementType.MOVE);

3. Adding images is thread safety.

4 . After adding images ,Aspose.Cells for Java load the content of the images to the memory.So if you have enough memory to contian 1000+ WMF images,Aspose.Cells for Java will work fine too.


Thanks Warren,

It looks like I got it working now. Thank you so much for the
help. I’ll keep banging on this, but it looks like I’ll be buying
a license soon.