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Word 2003-2010 Issue with empty spaces

I solve the following problem (after ----) with your help by using RemoveEmptyParagraphs. But it cause another problem. It remove the following as same as word 2003.


But If I type with space as follows then it will not get rid of line (but word 2003 does get rid of line

«PersonnelID» «Personnel_Reference»


Daljit Singh


When we manually do mail merge on 2003-2010 with or without spaces, results is different, can be do something like in aspose.word as well. Like




If Personnel_Reference is missing in data source, then word 2003, do not show blank space, where as word 2010 show blank space, our customers are 2003 based, can we mimic it in aspose.words.


Thanks for your request. To resolve this problem, you can use “Text to be inserted before” option of mergefield. In this case you can insert a white space as a part of mergefield. Please see the following field code:

{ MERGEFIELD test \b " " }

Hope this helps.

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