Word convert to html errors

I’m using Aspose.Words for .Net to convert docs to html and pdf. I’m having two issues with the conversion process.

  1. When it converts an list sequence that is followed by a tab in Word to HTML, the text is indented following the number as if it were a paragraph. (I’ve attached a document to use as an example)
  2. When it converts a doc to pdf and the first section of the doc is removed using doc.Sections.RemoveAt(0), it also removes the headers and footers from the document.


Thanks for your inquiries.

  1. Unfortunately Aspose.Words doesn’t support custom tab positions. For more information see the following file.
  2. This occurs because headers of other sections are linked with previous.

Please let me know if you would like to know anything else.
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Thank you for the document, that is very helpful.
I am assuming that the tab is considered custom because it follows a Field Sequence item, is that correct?
I notice that other tabs in the document are converted to &#xa0. Is there something I can do to the document to make the Aspose converter convert my tabs following the Field Sequence items into &#xa0?
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Thank you for your inquiry.

  1. A tab is considered as custom because it has custom size. For example see attached document.
  2. Tab is converted to the HTML string like the following.

If you need then you can find and replace this string in your HTML code.
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