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Word crashes when opening document produced by Aspose.Word

From Jat:

G’day Roman,

I used ASPOSE.WORD to create the attached document. Unfortunately, the document crashes MS Word 2k when you try and open it. It loads and then crashes - but this happens on no other docs nor the template… I’m guessing there is something ‘wierd’ about this file. Could you check it out?


PS I’ve also attached the template FYI

Hi Jat,

The “weird” thing about the file is that it has one textbox with text. At the moment Aspose.Word does not support textboxes (and I mentioned it in the description of released features).

In your case it should be simple to overcome. On page 14 of your document you have a small textbox with one character in it - the tick mark. You just need to come up with some other way. The easiest way will be to draw or select one of the office drawings that resemble a tickmark and overimpose it on top of the text box and off you go.

You can leave textboxes in the document. As long as they don’t contain any text the document is processed successfully. We will implement full support for textboxes in the next release by the end of March.

Also, you template file seems to contain some macros, at least I get a security prompt when I open the file. Do you need to preserve those macros in the output document? Aspose.Word does not let macros through at the moment.

By the way I’m impressed with that you use Aspose.Word for such big and complex documents. I don’t think we at Aspose ever thought that there will be business needs to generate such big and complex documents.

Hi Roman,

Thanks for that, I didn’t design the templates hence I didn’t realise that was a textbox.

I don’t require the macros to persist - I merely used that macro to convert all my bookmark fields to mailmerge fields of the same name. Though keeping macros might be a useful feature for some users.

Any ETA on the sections fix?

Thanks for your help!


Fix for sections will be available today or tomorrow.