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Word footer

I am using aspose.word to convert word documents into HTML, but the footer is not converted into the HTML page. How can I get te footer too when converting into HTML?

The issue here is that a Word document can have up to six headers and footers per section (first, primary and even pages headers and footers). Therefore if you have a document say with 3 sections you could have 18 different headers and footers and I don’t see how to fit them all reasonably into an HTML file. But I’m open to your suggestions what do you think could be an acceptable solution. Where all those 6 x number of sections headers and footers should go in the resulting HTML file?

Let us start with a simple conversion. Let us say that I have the same footer on every pages in the word document. Can I have the footer at the bottom of the html or can I have the footer in HTML before the page break in which I have a page break for each pages?

Ok, we will make aspose.word to output the primary footer into HTML at the end of the document section as we already output the primary header before a section. Will do this in the next hotfix in 2-3 days.

Another idea, can i create a table in the word document that will have an absolute position in HTML?

No, this is unfortunately impossible. Please wait for the forthcoming hotfix.