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Word form fields to pdf form fields

we’ve tried to convert word form fields to pdf form fields.

we use the following code:

using (Stream inputDoc = new MemoryStream(bFile))
    Aspose.Words.Document docword = new Document(inputDoc);
    DocumentBuilder builder = new DocumentBuilder(docword);
    builder.PageSetup.Orientation = Orientation.Landscape;
    // do some formatting using the builder ...
    docword.SaveOptions.PdfExportFormFieldsAsText = false;
    MemoryStream docstream = new MemoryStream();
    docword.Save(docstream, SaveFormat.AsposePdf);
    Aspose.Pdf.Pdf docPdf = new Pdf();
    docPdf.BindXML(docstream, null);
    docPdf.CompressionLevel = 9;
    docPdf.Security = new Security();
    // default: all properties are true -> no need to set everything true
    // if docPdf.Security == null everything works fine with formfields, but if I want to set my securities,
    // formfields are converted to text despite correct settings
    // docPdf.Security.IsDefaultAllAllowed = true;
    // docPdf.Security.IsAnnotationsModifyingAllowed = true;
    // docPdf.Security.IsContentsModifyingAllowed = true;
    // docPdf.Security.IsCopyingAllowed = true; 
    // docPdf.Security.IsDegradedPrintingAllowed = true;
    // docPdf.Security.IsDocumentAssemblyingAllowed = true;
    // docPdf.Security.IsFormFillingAllowed = true;
    // docPdf.Security.IsPrintingAllowed = true;
    // docPdf.Security.IsScreenReadersAllowed = true;
    docPdf.Save(outDir + "\\" + pdfname);

but after the conversion, the form fields are not accessible in the pdf document. this only happens when creating an pdf security object. why is this? without the pdf security the form fields are accessible in the pdf document.

I’ve attached the word document.

Thanks for help.

Hi Andreas.
Thank you for asking this. But the question is completely related to Aspose.Pdf. I’ll ask them to reply you in this thread. In the future you should better write to their forum. Also you are welcome to ask anything regarding Aspose.Words here.


I tested it. I am afraid that may be a bug. We will try to resolve it ASAP.

Best regards.

Have you found the problem?
May I get a solution any soon? Because I’m needing the feature as fast as possible.

Thank you.


It was logged as PDFNET-4078 in our defect tracking database. We are working on it now. I hope to give you a fix before next monday. Sorry for inconvenience.

Best regards.

Is there anything happend regarding, the problem with the form field conversion?

Thanks for infos.

This issue is to be fixed in Aspose.Pdf. I’ll remind Aspose.Pdf team now.


This problem is under processing. We hope to include this fix in our next Release.

Best regards.

Hello Hans!

Is there any soon coming a next Release?
Because we really need the word form field conversion to pdf form fields.

So please inform me as soon as possible, when the next Release is finalized.

Thanks for the info.


I am sorry for the delay. We will try our best to offer you a fix late this month. Thanks for your patience.

Best regards.


You’ve said a fix is coming with the next release.

So a new release is there, but if tested the new version Aspose.Pdf and the problem isn’t solved.

Is there any soon a fix be available, or did it take longer?

Thanks for an update.