Word IF Condition Merge Field Not Evaluating

I have a MS Word doc that has a merge field with an IF condition in the Word doc (our users need to be able to use this feature in Word to do things like pronoun substitution - he/she ) but I cannot get it to work. I have attached a sample project that exemplifies the situation.
Rob @ Edupoint

Hi Rob,
Alas, this functionality is still under developent. A very rough date of release is this year.

Ok, thanks for the info. Keep me in mind when you are looking for a beta tester for this new functionality. I would be very interested.
Rob @ Edupoint

Hi, where are you guys with this functionality? I have clients that I can’t put off anymore. They need to be able to do simple IF value conditionals on merge fields (see sample attachment). I posted this issue over a year ago and was told it is coming ‘by the end of the year’…but nothing came.
Please help. Thx,

Thanks for your inquiry. Unfortunately this functionality is not supported yet. Current estimate is sometime in 2008. But it is not very reliable; the estimate was pushed several times due to other important features we had to work on.
Best regards.

An italian programmer created something that might work for you: http://le-raid.spaces.live.com/.
It didn’t work for me because our IF fields can contain paragraph marks but it might work for you (also the code is a bit hard to understand and most comments are in italian). If my customer will let me I’ll publish my code which can handle paragraphs. Let me know if you’re interested.

Yes, I would be interested. Is seems like it is an extension of using Aspose.Words, right?