Word openInBrowser shows no open/save dialog


In ASP.Net, C# We are having a problem on one server machine where we are using a line like:

doc.Save(exportPath, SaveFormat.FormatDocument, SaveType.OpenInBrowser, this.Response);

What happens is the new browser window opens, but the save/open dialog box never appears and the document never appears. The same statement works fine when we are running on other machines. Do you have an idea what could cause this behavior?



Update on this: It turns out it is certain browser machines that have this problem, not the particular server. So the question is : what browser enviroments could cause this problem? The user is using IE 6 or better, not any other browser.



Hi Jerry,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

Since Aspose.Word is a regular .NET component and just writes the document data to the output stream, it is fully compatible with IE 6. I’m unfortunately unsure about compatibility with other types of browsers, but were you able to determine what of them failed to show the dialog?


It is IE 6 the user is using. Also he is able to open a word doc that is just a link on the site, but nothing happens when he clicks on the one that uses the Aspose save - openinbrowser function. As I said other users get the doc just fine, so there is something about his browser or machine environment that is different. Have you heard of this before?

Unfortunately the user who has the problem is Quality Assurance who is testing our application so we have to fix this somehow.



Sorry we don’t have a ready answer for this. You best bet would probably be to examine and compare IE security settings of the two machines: one that works and one that doesn’t. Check what about security zones, settings about security zones and so on. Will be great to hear if you find something interesting.