Word revision tracking to PDF annotation


I have a client who is looking for a way to translate inserts and deletions tracked in a Word document to annotations (comments) in a PDF document. They currently have a solution working, but it involves using the Word object model to get page coordinates (in addition to type and content) of each tracked revision. Using Word’s Information method to get the coordinates is quite slow.

My understanding is that Asprose.Word doesn’t support getting page coordinates because it doesn’t include a page rendering engine. We’d like to add our vote for either adding that functionality (if it can be significantly faster than the Word method), or providing the ability to interpret tracked changes as annotations in a Word to PDF conversion.

Jan Fransen


Dear Jan,

Thank you to evaluate Aspose.Word.

Dmitry or Roman will reply to you very soon.

We all know OfficeZealot.com is a really cool Office developer community portal. If you’re interested, feel free to drop me a line at info@aspose.com to discuss some partnership opportunities, say, trading some exposure with free license or anything else you prefer.


Hi Jan,

Thank you for your interest in Aspose.Word.

You are absolutely right: Aspose.Word does not support rendering at the moment so page coordinates cannot be obtained. Also, annotations are currently not supported, too. However, we will surely implement these features as well as support of tracked changes in a Word to PDF conversion in the future. Unfortunately, we do not provide information about exact delivery dates.

Thanks for the request.