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Word to PDF: bars have black borders

Hello Team,

We are having problem with the borders which are not set in the original image.

While creating word document to PDF the borders are shown in the output.

Attached are the Word and PDF output for your reference where the images are circled with RED


Hi Dwarika,

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Thanks for your inquiry. Could you please attach your input document here for testing? We will check the problem and provide you more information.

Best regards,

Hi AndreyN,

Thanks for your quick reply.

Please find the required document in word & pdf format.

I am using Aspose word version with direct method for converting word document into pdf format.

As well as forwarding you the origional image,which is causing problem in pdf format for your further investigation.

As i explained in my previous mail, that the attached image which is drawn in the middle of the chart contain black border.

1> our origional image do not have any black border.

2> The image available in word format do not contain any black border.

3> But the image in pdf format contain black border.

We are using floating text boxes for drawing the images in this chart.

There is one issue already posted on aspose regarding the imges drawn with the help of floating text boxes for which we are expecting a fix from aspose.

please refer the following thread.


We want confirmation from Aspose,whether this issue is the same as explain in above post or different ?

When will we expect a fix for this issue?

Waiting for Your reply.....!!!!!!

Thanks & Regards,


Hi Dwarika,

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Thank you for additional information. If you open your output PDF using Acrobat Reader and specify zoom to 600%, the image border disappears. It means that the problem is related to Acrobat Reader.

Best regards,

Hi Alexey,

Thanks for your suggestions & quick reply.

while working on PDF version document we notice one issue regarding zooming functionality that affects the appearance of the images.

If you saw text in SHL image as "People Performance" using 100 % zoom where text is getting cropped.

If you saw it with zoom size 600% it is getting displayed in proper format.

Please find attached PDF document for further reference.

1> What is the problem behind this issue?do we need to upgrade our acrobat reader in order to solve this issue ?

  • We are using Aspose word version & direct method for converting word document into pdf format.
  • We are using Adobe Acrobat Reader version 7.0

2>Which acrobat version is currently more compitable for Aspose PDF? ( inorder to minimize the issues related to PDF )

3>Which MS-Word version is more compitable for Aspose Word?

Waiting for your reply...!!!!!

Thanks & Regards,


Hi AndreyN,

Thank you for your quick reply.

We are currently using Acrobat Reader version 7.0.

1> Is this problem is only related to Acrobat Reader version 7.0 ?

2> Which Acrobat version is most compitable with Aspose PDF?

3> Which MS-Word version ( 2000,2003,2007) is most compitable to Aspose Word?

Thanks & Regards,


Hi Dwarika,

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Thanks for your inquiry. The output PDF conforms PDF 1.5 specification. So you can use any PDF reader which supports this specification. There is no difference which version of MS Word you use. Aspose.Words supports documents produced by MS Word version starting from Word 97.

Best regards,


Is it possible for you to list down which version of Adobe Reader supports 1.5 specification.
We are using Adobe Reader 7.0 and 9.0 on different systems.



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Thanks for your request. Please follow the link to learn more about Portable Document Format (PDF):


According to the article: the PDF file format has changed several times and continues to evolve, as new versions of Adobe Acrobat were released. There have been nine versions of PDF with corresponding Acrobat releases:

  • (1993) – PDF 1.0 / Acrobat 1.0
  • (1994) – PDF 1.1 / Acrobat 2.0
  • (1996) – PDF 1.2 / Acrobat 3.0
  • (1999) – PDF 1.3 / Acrobat 4.0
  • (2001) – PDF 1.4 / Acrobat 5.0
  • (2003) – PDF 1.5 / Acrobat 6.0
  • (2005) – PDF 1.6 / Acrobat 7.0
  • (2006) – PDF 1.7 / Acrobat 8.0
  • (2008) – PDF 1.7, Adobe Extension Level 3 / Acrobat 9.0
  • (2009) – PDF 1.7, Adobe Extension Level 5 / Acrobat 9.1

As you can see PDF 1.5 specification is supported starting from Acrobat 6.0.

Best regards,

Thanks very much for the details.

But as i have mentioned earlier we are using Adobe 7.0 and 9.0 to view PDF documents converted from Word format.
As per your list both these versions are compatible with PDF 1.5 specs, still the issue we are facing remains as it is.
Do you have other alternative to achieve this or can you suggest something which will resolve the problem we are facing.


Hi Dwarika,

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Thank you for additional information. This issue is not considered as a bug or problem in Aspose.Words. There is actually no border around these images. It seems this is some problems with rendering of PDF by Adobe Reader, because the problem occurs only with some zooming settings. So as an option you can report this issue to Adobe.

Best regards.