Word wrap issue, some textlayers need to be updated

I have the problem that when I open the psd file in photoshop it tells me that “some textlayers need to be updated”. The only thing I do is add a textlayer with a text, and a rectangle
imagen.png (28.0 KB)

            string sourceFile = "C:\\Ethofy\\TestPSDPrueba2.psd";
            string outputFile = "C:\\Ethofy\\3_Output_Test_PSD_2daPruebas_Punto_3.psd";
            // Add a text layer

            TextLayer textLayer = img.AddTextLayer("Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet", new Rectangle(99, 47, 99, 47));


@cortega1234 Rendering of Aspose.PSD is slightly different from rendering of PS. So, I think this message will be in 99% text updating processes. Photoshop always rerender any data that it can on the opening. I created the issue: PSDNET-1374: Error on opening of PSD file. Photoshop says: some textlayers need to be updated. But I can not guarantee that it will be fixed.

Could you please attach the input TestPSDPrueba2.psd file to help us to reproduce your error.