Words does not detect ebook

Kindly check this ebook, Words.FileFormatUtil.DetectFileFormat will not detect it.
kfx.zip (198.2 KB)

And a question: Sony BBeB .lrf / lit / imp / cbc / cbr / cbz books are supported?

@australian.dev.nerds Aspose.Words does not support kfx eBookk format, so it does not detect it’s format by FileFormatUtil.DetectFileFormat method. Currently Aspose.Words support EPUB and AZW3 eBook formats. Please see our documentation to learn what document formats are supported by Aspose.Words:

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Thanks, since Words support saving of xps files, do you find it wise to add xps to the Words.FileFormatUtil.DetectFileFormat enums? So we can detect xps files?

Finally, anyway that Words detect .CSS file format? Cells already does support…

@australian.dev.nerds FileFormatUtil.DetectFileFormat detects only file formats whish are supported as input document formats. Neither XPS or CSS are not supported as load formats in Aspose.Words, So Aspose.Words does not detect them.

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