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Work values incorrect when changing duration on semi-complete task with non-Flat WorkContour

There seems to be an issue with the way that Work, RemainingWork is calculated for a Task when the assignment WorkContour is not flat and there is greater than zero PercentComplete.

The behavior is different than what occurs within Microsoft Project.
Steps in MS Project:

  • Create Task 1, duration 10 days. Assign Resource 1. Set WorkContour to Back Loaded.
  • Create Task 2, duration 10 days. Assign Resource 2. Set WorkContour to Back Loaded.
  • Set % Complete on Task 2 to 25%. Actual work changes to 3 hours.
  • Change Task 1 duration to 20 days. Remaining work changes to 96 hours.
  • Change Task 2 duration to 20 days. Remaining work changes to 125 hours.

Performing the same actions using the sample project. The values for both Task 1 and Task 2 Work is 96 hours.

            string fileName = @"C:\Example_Backloaded_Aspose.MPP";

        Project m_Project = new Project(fileName);

        //Set Calculation Mode to Automatic
        m_Project.CalculationMode = Aspose.Tasks.CalculationMode.Automatic;

        foreach (Aspose.Tasks.Task m_Task_Source in m_Project.RootTask.SelectAllChildTasks())
            if (!m_Task_Source.Get(Tsk.IsSummary))
                m_Task_Source.Set(Tsk.Duration, m_Task_Source.Get(Tsk.Duration).Add(10));

                Console.WriteLine("Before - ID: {0} Name: {1}  Duration: {2}  Type: {3}  Work: {4}  ActualWork: {5} RemainingWork: {6} Cost: {7} ActualCost: {8} %Complete: {9}",

image.png (12.2 KB)
Example_BackLoaded.zip (59.5 KB)

This can be seen in the attached sample mpp file.

Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

could you provide a sample code you used to make “Example_BackLoaded_Aspose.mpp” ?

It was actually created using Microsoft Project. Could that be causing the problem?

No, I thought that you’ve created “Example_BackLoaded_Aspose.mpp” from the scratch using another code snippet.

We need some time to compare MS Project’s and Aspose.Tasks’ behavior.

we need to fix our recalculation logic for the described case so that it produces the same result as MS Project does. A ticket with ID ** TASKSNET-10523** has been created to resolve the issue. This thread has been linked with the issue so that you may be notified once the issue will be fixed.