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WorkBook.Open methhd and ConvertNumericData properties deleted in Aspose 8.4.2

Hi Team,

I was using Aspose 5.1.2 dll in our application, and using the property ConvertNumericData, and WorkBook.Open methods shown below, which are working fine for me.

WorkBook ExcelWorkBook= New WorkBook();
ExcelWorkBook.Settings.ConvertNumericData = false;
ExcelWorkBook.Open(fileName, formatTypeOfFile);

Now I updated my Aspose version to 8.4.2, In this version these methods are doesn’t exist. Can you please assist on this, what are the alternatives for these deleted methods and properties.

Hi Krishna,

Thank you for contacting Aspose support.

Please note, with recent revision of the Aspose.Cells APIs the ConvertNumericData property has been moved to the LoadOptions class. You can access it as demonstrated below.


TxtLoadOptions txtoptions = new TxtLoadOptions();
txtoptions.ConvertNumericData = false;
LoadOptions options = new LoadOptions(LoadFormat.Auto);
options.ConvertNumericData = false;
Workbook ExcelWorkBook = new Workbook(filename, options);