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Working out the size of the newly created TextFrame

Hi Apose,

We've recently purchase the powerpoint component and I'm now urgently trying to get something out to our test team.

I have whole paragraphs that need to be added to the generated powerpoint slide. THere are no Carriage Return in this textframe but I do wrap the text

So I do

Aspose.PowerPoint.Rectangle textRectangle = aSlide.Shapes.AddRectangle(aX, aY, mySize.Width - aX * 2, aSelection.FontSize);
textRectanlge.TextFrame.Wrap = true;

There are no carriage returns in the text as I call this code for each bit of text ending in a carriage return.

I would like to be able to resize the TextFrame. Now I can set the size of course but how do I know how many lines the font spanned after turning wrapping on. Ideally it would be nice if it autosize, but surely the control must now how big it needs to be. Can it be queried from the control, or perhaps calculated.

Automatic resizing of text frames and tables will be available in the future.