Working with Microsoft Exchange Server supported with Aspose.Email for Java


I have a query- Whether Aspose has any product in JAVA through which I should be able to get following set of capabilities-

a) Connect
to Exchange service
b) Item
fetch/delete operation.
c) Item
create/update operation.
d) Delegate
e) Search
f) Resolving
DL (Distributed List)

I do find out one Aspose link which looks quiet similar to what I am looking for. Please verify the link if it would solve my purpose or not. Here is the link Work with Microsoft Exchange Server in Java | Email API for Java

Just for your information, we have a requirement where we need above capabilities from a LINUX box and that’s why we are looking for some JAVA based solution which can work cross platform.

Looking forward for your reply.


Thanks Muhammad Waqas for you response and verifications on all queries.

We would love to get “Resolving DL” capabilities, please keep updating us on its progress.

We are going to evaluate Aspose.Email for Java against all our requirement and if in case we face any challenges we will revert back on the same thread. Just few more question-
1. Any prerequisite for using Aspose.Email for Java ?
2. We are going to use Eclipse as IDE what is the basic Eclipse version supported ?


Hi Atul,

  1. You need to have Java installed and no other prerequisite is required. If you want to avoid evaluation limitations, please get a 30-day temporary license free of cost from here.
  2. You can use the API with any version of Eclipse IDE and there is no such limitation.
Please feel free to write to us if you have any other query related to the API. We’ll be glad to assist you further.