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Working with PDF binary stream

Dear Aspose Tem,

Right now am evaluating the feasability. My requirement is, I have a binary stream of PDF which is comin from some different source. I want to open the binary stream a pdf with special entitlment for Save and Print option.

I have tried a sample code to take the eistin pdf and open with encryoption to disable save and print option. But it requires to generate a temporary pdf some where in server. We don't want to write the pdf information anywhere.

So my single line requirement is to open pdf in acrobt reader with pecial entitlement of Save and Print option. It won't generate any tmp file.



Hi Raghu,

I’m afraid, I couldn’t clearly understand your requirement. Could you please clarify that whether you want to take a PDF stream as input and then set some privileges on this file or there is some other requirement? If so, which privileges you want to set? What you mean by Save and Print entitlement? Kindly share some more details regarding your requirement.

We’re looking forward to help you out.