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Working with TIFFS - stamping

We have an OEM site lisence for both ASPOSE words and ASPOSE PDF which works very well for our needs. We have a new requirement now where we store TIFF files in our database. We have to retreive the TIFFs from the database, stamp them and store them back as TIFFs in the database.

Is there a way of achieving that without converting back and forth into PDF and WORD? I am aware that with our current products, i have to convert TIFF into one of the formats before stamping.


Thanks for your request. Unfortunately, there is no way to add a stamp directly to TIFF using Aspose.Words or Aspose.Pdf. So you have to insert your TIFF either into Word document or into PDF, then add a stamp and then convert the document back to TIFF.

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Thanks for your reply. Appreciate it! DO you carry any other product that does this without having to convert back and forth into other formats? i.e working with images?

Also, i tried using your OCR demo and am getting an unhandled exception when i upload one of our TIFFs.

A related question. DO you have a way of creating a docx document from an XML file MERGED with an XSLT? basically, the XML file has the data and the XSLT has the "tags" to do a merge.


Thanks for your request. Unfortunately, there is no product in Aspose family that allows working directly with images. However, I think, you can achieve what you need by using standard .NET features. For instance, see the following link:

Regarding converting Excel to Word, you can achieve this using Aspose.Words+Aspose.Cells. You can find a simple demo here:

But I would advise you to create template in MS Word and use Mail Merge feature to put data from your XML directly into MS Word document.

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Thanks for the response, once again. it is not a excel to word. We have a template that is in a docx format and we have XML data that needs to be merged with it all on a WEB APPLICATION. so, i use the mail merge feature for that? and the mail merge feature is a seperate product? i cannot use anything that is available from aspose.word? any help in pointing me to the right direction is much appreciated.


Thanks for your request. Mail Merge feature is a part of Aspose.Words. Please see he following link to learn more:

This article provides a simple example of how, using Aspose.Words, you can execute mail merge from XML using the .NET DataSet class.

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