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Would Like an Example Mail Merge

I downloaded and ran the mail merge example but the results were not what I expected nor I’m sure correct. I’m running MSSQL with the Northwind db on my system. Does anyone have any example word document set up for a mail merge and an associated webform that will merge a table into it from the Northwind db?

That would help quite a bit to “knock down” the current learning curve wall.


Most of the examples included in the product are using Northwind.mdb. There are template documents and source code there. Some of the examples use repeatable merge regions (invoice, employees). Mail labels use NEXT field. There is one simple example with a personalized letter that does not merge from the database.

Let me know what your difficulties and questions are and why the examples in the demo are not useful.

Thank you. I created a solution using your online documentation and did not realize there were complete solutions already available for experimentation. You might want to include a note at the root of your documentation page for each namespace reminding/informing a potential/existing customer of your pre-built solution. They are great.

From my first look at what your company has to offer, I’m very excited about continuing my investigation of your namespaces with a definite purchase if they work as well as promoted. Designing your documentation system to be similiar to Microsoft’s MSDN is also smart, reducing the learing curve when learning your components.

Thanks again.