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Write permissions in folder for barcode recognition work correctly

If I try to recognize codes from a image in a directory that the application don’t have write permissions, the aspose.barcode for .net doesn’t work well. There is any way to set a temp directory to create the temp files that aspose.barcode crates by default in the directory of the image or use only memory?


We have tried to reproduce the issue at our end by modifying the Security permissions of the folder which contains input barcode image and setting the Write permission as Deny. We are able to recognize the barcode successfully. Please share more details about the issue. You may forward us the steps in the form of screenshots to reproduce the issue or create a sample application demonstrating the issue. We will look into it and update you about our findings.

I am trying to reproduce the error, but for no reason it works now. Probably the problem was only in my side. Thanks for the fast reply.


It is good to know that the issue has been resolved and things are now working. Thank you for update.