Wrong date in header date field

We have a word document that uses a date field in the header. If the document is opened in word the field shows the current date. If we then create a document from that word document using Aspose Words and pass that to Aspose Pdf, the date field is not correct. It looks to be something like, open the template doc and the current date displays, save out the file. A couple of days later, generate a pdf using the template doc and when the pdf displays, the date the file was last saved shows in the header. We use a reguar date field, should we be using a different field?

This happens because Aspose.Words currently does not recalculate field values when exporting to PDF and the last saved field value is used. The only fields whose values are “up-to-date” during export are PAGE, NUMPAGE, and PAGEREF.
I will investigate if it is possible to add the support of the DATE field in the nearest future and let you know.

We’re seeing the same issue, where date in WORD document header is converted to file last saved date when saved to pdf. This is very inconvenient and shouldn’t be that difficult to fix. How about getting it done? It’s already 3 years later than original request!
Janet Everson
Senior Software Developer - Sedwick CMS


Thanks for your inquiry. Aspose.Words already supports this. Please try using the latest version of Aspose.Words. You can download it from here:
Also, please attach your documents here for testing.
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