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Wrong font during slide conversion

I started with a PPT that used the font "Bodoni Book". I converted it using Aspose.Slides like I normally do, but didn't realize until after the fact that the server did not have the "Bodoni Book" font installed. As a result the text on the slide images got converted to Arial. I then installed the Bodoni font set on the server and tried the conversion again. Unfortunately the text still got converted to Arial on the slide images.

I know that with certain applications, if the application is open when I install a new font, that font won't be recognized until I close and reopen the application. Given that the .NET project used to convert the slides results in a DLL, I'm not sure if something similar is going on or not. Perhaps I need to restart the ASPNET service?

Any ideas (or solutions) would be helpful. Thanks!


Hello Dan,

I’m not sure when .Net loads fonts. Yes, probably you have to restart ASP.Net service.
Did you solve this problem?