Wrong value of PageRef field is loaded in footer of word document

Hello Aspose Team,

We are using “Aspose.Words" .Net Core version 22.10.0 in our application and found some issue related to wrong value of PageRef field is loaded in footer of word document while converting it to the Html. The First Page Footer starts with 2 while in word document it starts with 1. I am attaching sample documents here. Can you please help to fix this issues.

References in header footer.docx (19.5 KB)
PageFirstFooterIssue.png (140.1 KB)

@rajesh.domadia Your document is quite tricky. The bookmark is inserted into the document’s primary header, which actually displayed on the second page of the document. So Aspose.Words actually shows the correct value.
Could you please explain the goal of insertion TOC into the document’s first page header and a bookmark into the document’s primary header? Document’s headers/footers are intended to be repeated for each page of the document.

The document is test document and for the header in TOC is just for testing the header content. Currently we are facing issue in the footer where it is not stamping exact value that is there in word document. The attached word document have value “1” in footer but when it converts to html it becomes “2”. While for the second page the value “(alexandra 2019)” remains same at that of word document as expected.

@rajesh.domadia Thank you for additional information. Yes, I understand that Aspose.Words shows 2 instead of 1 in the footer where { PAGEREF bookmark \h }. But I do not think this a bug and should be fixed. As I explained above the bookmark is in the primary document header, which actually shown on the second page of the document. So the value Aspose.Words shows is correct, but what is shown by MS Word is incorrect. Looks like bug or peculiarity in MS Word.