WYSIWYG PDF editor with a clean user interface?

Thanks for your response. I didn’t find any option for annotations in pdf editor. is that available in pdf editor? let me know how to enable.

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Harish G.

@HarishGali I will move your request into Aspose.PDF forum. My colleagues from Aspose.PDF team will help you shortly.

I am waiting for your response…

Do you mean objects of the PdfFileEditor class?
What operations and with what annotations do you need?

To view all pdf annotations and comments in pdf as we seen in chrome asposepdfeditor.PNG (213.8 KB)

Aspose.Pdf editor demo:

Using the API provided by the library, you can work with PDF files, including adding annotations or changing those already present in the document.

the pdf format defines the possibility of interactive behavior of annotations, and some of them can be defined using the library.

Please help me with the code to view pdf annotations and track changes.
I am unable to view the track changes enabled in document using pdf viewer and pdf editor.

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Harish G.

To view annotations you shoud use use code like

Document doc = new Document(fileName);
foreach (Annotation annot in doc.Pages[1].Annotations)
     // work with annotation annot
     if (annot is LinkAnnotation)

I don’t understand what is mean " track changes enabled in document".
Please say more what it mean.