XBRL dimension load advice


I’m trying to recreate XBRL file from the link below and I would need advice on how to load explicitMember tag and dimensions(eba_dim:BAS, eba_dim:REF, …) if it is possible.




We will be looking into it and get back to you soon.


I have now logged a ticket with an id “FINANCENET-234” for your requirements/issue. We will investigate and if possible we may devise some code segment for your task (load specific tag with attributes from an XBRL document).

Once we figure it out or we have some other updates, we will let you know.

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I can’t get the schema file of the xbrl file you uploaded. It’s better to provide the schema file, so I made a demo with other files. You can try it.

XbrlDocument document = new XbrlDocument();
XbrlInstance xbrlInstance = document.XbrlInstances[document.XbrlInstances.Add()];
xbrlInstance.SchemaRefs.Add("D:/thc-20200319.xsd", "thc");
ContextPeriod contextPeriod = new ContextPeriod(DateTime.Parse("2020-03-19"));
ContextEntity contextEntity = new ContextEntity(@"http://www.sec.gov/CIK", "0000070318");
Context context = new Context(contextPeriod, contextEntity);
Concept dimensionCon = xbrlInstance.GetConceptByName("StatementClassOfStockAxis");
Concept memberCon = xbrlInstance.GetConceptByName("CommonStockMember");
context.Scenario = new ContextSenario();
context.Scenario.DimensionMemberList.Add(new DimensionMember(dimensionCon, memberCon));

Hi @suchen.jiang,

This is working, thank you for this example.

I’m looking into what software to pick to work with XBRL taxonomy and what is currently happening is that I can load XBRL .zip taxonomy file into XML Spy and it works great, but would also like to do the same with your NuGet package if this is possible. If I extract taxonomy files and load it it seems like every validation is working even when in XML Spy validation fails.

Do you have any suggestion on have to improve this or load .zip taxonomy with XbrlDocument?

Thank you,

taxonomy zip file link: https://www.srb.europa.eu/system/files/media/document/srf-eac_8.0.2_multilingual_complete_Package.zip

working example XBRL link:


Thanks for the sample documents and details.

We have logged your requirements/details and sample documents with your existing ticket into our database. We will evaluate and look into the details of your requirements with sample documents and get back to you.