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XBRR parser is not working 100%

Hi -

I don;t think ASPOSE XLBR parser is working 100% - it’s only showing hi-level data and the fact detailed data is missing. If you see this link, you can see that is has more detailed nodes or factual data which is not getting parsed or exported to Excel:[ConvertXbrlToXlsx_out_0.pdf (7.7 KB)
pic.png (458.7 KB)
data site](file:///C:/Users/Antony.Drew/Downloads/FFIEC%20CDR%20Call%20Bulk%20XBRL%2012312021/FFIEC%20CDR%20Call%20FI%2037(ID%20RSSD)%2012312021.xbrl.xml)

NET code is below:
XbrlDocument document = new XbrlDocument(sourceDir /+ @“IdScopeContextPeriodStartAfterEnd.xml”/);
XbrlInstanceCollection xbrlInstances = document.XbrlInstances;
XbrlInstance xbrlInstance = xbrlInstances[0];
List facts = xbrlInstance.Facts;
SchemaRefCollection schemaRefs = xbrlInstance.SchemaRefs;
List contexts = xbrlInstance.Contexts;
List units = xbrlInstance.Units;


Please zip and attach XBRL file so we could evaluate your issue on our end.

Great - thanks for response Amjad - here is the zipped XBRL file so u can take a look - again i’m not picking any data up after the last (see around line 30)FFIEC CDR Call FI 37(ID RSSD) 12312021.xbrl.zip (6.9 KB)
ConvertXbrlToXlsx_out_0.zip (7.2 KB)

Hi -

If i use the regular .NET XML parser, than i can see all of the other nodes in terms of data like below - maybe i have to add a SCHEMA for this XBLR file?

var xmlString = File.ReadAllText(dirs[i].ToString());
var stringReader = new StringReader(xmlString);
FFIEC_call_rcb_data = ds.Tables[10];

Maybe i need to add a SCHEMA REF like in your example below?
aspose-finance/Aspose.Finance-for-.NET (github.com)

XbrlDocument document = new XbrlDocument();
XbrlInstanceCollection xbrlInstances = document.XbrlInstances;
XbrlInstance xbrlInstance = xbrlInstances[xbrlInstances.Add()];
SchemaRefCollection schemaRefs = xbrlInstance.SchemaRefs;
schemaRefs.Add(XbrlFilePath + @“schema.xsd”, “example”, “http://example.com/xbrl/taxonomy”);
SchemaRef schema = schemaRefs[0];


Thanks for the XBRL file, screenshots and other resource files.

Please notice, after an initial test, I am able to reproduce the issue as you mentioned by using your sample XBRL file. I even converted to XLSX file format and confirmed data loss in the output file. I have logged a ticket with an id “FINANCENET-138” for your issue. We will look into your issue to figure it out soon. We will also investigate if this is a bug or your XBRL file needs some tweaks for contents.

awesome - thanks so much


You are welcome.

We could simply be missing a function like below in bold (List items):

public void ReadXBLR(string sourceDir)

        XbrlDocument document = new XbrlDocument(sourceDir);
        XbrlInstanceCollection xbrlInstances = document.XbrlInstances;
        XbrlInstance xbrlInstance = xbrlInstances[0];
        List<Fact> facts = xbrlInstance.Facts;
        SchemaRefCollection schemaRefs = xbrlInstance.SchemaRefs;
        List<Context> contexts = xbrlInstance.Contexts;
        List<Unit> units = xbrlInstance.Units;
        **List<Item> items = xbrlInstance.Items;**  //TODO:  fix this to get more sub-details or nodes



Thanks for your suggestion.

Let us evaluate your issue in details and then we could comment on it.

Hi Folks -

Has there been any update on this issue or fixes for next release? Please advise…



I am afraid, your issue is not resolved yet. We will check if we could provide you and eta on your issue. We will get back to you soon.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as FINANCENET-138) have been fixed in this update. This message was posted using Bugs notification tool by WilliamShen