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.xer export update task_code field in TASK table

When exporting tasks to an .xer file, the value of “task_code” is auto-generated by Aspose starting with A1000, incrementing by a value of 10 for each subsequent task. I would like to put my own value into this field instead of using the auto-generated value. Is there a Task property I can use to set this value that I’m missing or something else I can do with the .NET API?


Could you please share your sample input file with us along with the code you are trying at your end? Pleaes also share a screenshot of the problem you are facing. This will help us investigate the issue further at our end.


Aspose.Tasks API supports setting these options. You can use PrimaveraSaveOptions properties to change activity id suffix/prefix and increment as shown in the following sample code:

PrimaveraSaveOptions options = new PrimaveraSaveOptions
     RenumberActivityIds = true,
     ActivityIdPrefix = "TEST",
     ActivityIdIncrement = 5,
     ActivityIdSuffix = 10000
project.Save("primavera.xer", options);